Lavender-Infused Lemonade

Hey folks! We’re back… and with a refreshing and elegant lemonade trick up our sleeve. Here’s to the new fad. ( I assume it’s a fad. Me, feeling so clever about myself about having come up with such a brilliant twist on the classic summer drink. Me, googling ‘lavender lemonade’ and finding out that somebody else had beat my brain, as always.) Wait, didn’t that sounded a little too Eeyore-ish for such a light-hearted post?

If you’re anything like me, you will sneak herbs and flowers, essential oils and spices into anything that has more to be desired. Not that there’s a lot wrong with plain lemonade, but somehow that added floral essence takes you far, far away, to a light, bright sky-cafe on Wall Street ,NYC. Actually they probably serve things like Dalgona coffee there, and not lemonade, even if it is glorified.

Most new things are good things, and this is one of them. I encourage you to try it. However, don’t make the same mistake I did, and overshoot on the lavender oil. Less is always more, especially when it comes to such concentrated concoctions. My sister Caroline suggested that we start with two drops and go from there, and happily proceeded to do so. We ended up with what tasted like a cross between a bath bomb and an elderly person’s closet. So we added more water, lemons, and sugar, basically doubling the batch, which is why some pictures have two glasses on and some have four ( unnecessary detail). And it was getting dark. And our beautiful ice-cubes, the only thing we could really be proud of anymore, started to melt before we could get a shot. I know, us and our scattered brains…

Simply diluting the lavender flavor seemed to work wonders though, and we ended up with a very handsome-tasting drink, which we are pleased to share with you.

Caroline grows a lovely, healthy herb garden which we benefit a lot from, especially during the summer when the herbs are fresh. This year, she experimented with several kinds of lavender. We tried freezing it in ice cubes and it added a more sophisticated touch, I thought, then just shoving a stem right into the lemonade.
                         NOTES & VARIATIONS
~ I used Revive Lavender Essential Oil, which is very concentrated.
~ Use fresh lavender in the ice cubes for best results.
~ Try replacing the cane sugar with honey or maple syrup.
~ Crush some mint leaves with the lemon mixture, and then strain the lemonade.                                                                                                

I hope you’ve enjoyed your first, or otherwise, introduction to Lavender Lemonade. I had fun designing this post, because it was the first one I did without Meredith hanging over my shoulder the whole time, though it did take awhile to figure things out without the aid of a techy sister. Most of the photography credits go to Caroline, and please don’t try to figure out which ones are mine. I shouldn’t have said that, because now you for sure will. Let’s just say that some people are more gifted in areas that others aren’t. Anyways, I did the editing, so can I have a small round of applause for that at least?

Post Credits: Kristi Martin

Photo Credits: Caroline Martin

By the way, I’m getting a huge bang out of the variety of pronouns I used in this post. Basically every other paragraph alternates between I and we. How excruciatingly improper, but so funny that I feel like leaving it that way. I guess I got my point across that it was a joint effort alright.

I’m not even smart enough to know how to put a smiley face at the end of something funny. Oh well. Smiley faces and lol’s are overrated anyways.

4 Replies to “Lavender-Infused Lemonade”

  1. Lol Kristi you got that right 😊 (not a fan of either myself)
    I’m still trying to imagine what a cross between a bath bomb and an elderly person’s closet would taste like, and I’m not sure I want to find out! I enjoyed the words.


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