Carpe Diem

Glimpses of girlhood

Never-to-be-forgotten bits of blue

Deserted garden enchantments

The death of the dandelions

A moment of wonder

Artistic sweetness

The golden hour

In the dandelions, with a book

Broken, but beautiful

Hometown charm

The symmetry of nature

Forever teatime

A discovery of where gnomes gather

Simple gift-giving

The spires of a church, outstretched toward the blue beyond their reach

The warmth of an old friendship

Sandcastles built with laughter

“I feel her light fill my soul..”

Photography by Meredith

Captions by Caroline and Kristi

3 Replies to “Carpe Diem”

  1. Thanks Briana… Also, that was very sweet of you to link us on your blog. We very much enjoyed that last post of yours. Sounds like you have some good advice for young girls like us.😃


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